Bus Charters

GTTI has two buses which are operated by our part-time drivers.

Both buses and the driver are fully insured.

Buses are available for charters to individuals, organizations and businesses.

Rates vary depending on distance, route, day of the week, time of day, out of town layover time or local runs. Please contact GTTI for an estimate for your event or occasion.

We do require that at least one responsible adult representing the organization accompanies all charters, and that person must refrain from the use of alcohol or other intoxicant for the duration of the charter.

Any damage or maintenance need caused to the vehicle by a passenger is the responsibility of the charter signatory.

We are currently looking for drivers, please visit our Career Opportunity page to learn more.

bus 2.jpg

Bus #1

20 passenger, school bus seating

no additional storage

Bus #2

24 passenger, commuter seating,

Overhead storage