York Works -  http://www.yorkworks.ca/

yorkworks is a division of the York Region District School Board that provides employment programs and services to help unemployed or underemployed individuals transition back to the job market. As you enter and exit the many stages of employment throughout your life, your needs will change and evolve as you do. Located in Whitchurch-Stouffville and Sutton, yorkworks is committed to providing you with the employment information you need to get that next job.


Georgina Job Skills -  http://www.jobskills.org/

Job Skills is a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing people’s capacity to participate in the labour market, thereby contributing to the economic and social viability of our community.


Skills Credentialing School -  http://www.conferenceboard.ca/topics/education/learning-tools.aspx

The Skills Credentialing Tool helps individuals self-assess their essential skills and employability attitudes and behaviours and create an skills portfolio that they can share with an employment counsellor.


OnWin Ontario Work Information Network -  http://www.onwin.ca/english/index.cfm

Provides links to a number of sites for career planning, learning, and employment.




Service Canada - Career Navigator and Quizzes  - http://seekers.jobbank.gc.ca/commun-common/connection-login.aspx?lang=eng

Through the Career Quizzes you can explore your abilities, interests and preferences as part of making a career decision. The Learning Style Quizzes can be used to make any learning situation work for you.


Resume Advice - https://charityvillage.com/Content.aspx?topic=The_top_resume_mistakes_to_avoid#.VGI_2Y10yUl


Canadian Career Challenge - http://careerchallenge.ca/


Neuvoo - http://neuvoo.ca/en


RNC Employment Services - RNCemploymentservices.ca