Georgina Trades Training Inc.

Privacy Policies & Procedures


To follow sound principals to protect personal privacy that gives individuals and organizations a sense of security when disclosing personal information to GTTI.


Georgina Trades Training Inc. (GTTI) is committed to protecting the privacy of personal information for
individuals and organizations with whom we interact. As such, GTTI will collect, store and use personal
information obtained from employees, Board of Directors, clients and the public at large only for the purpose of carrying on business consistent with the mission of the Corporation and for which an individual singularly or on behalf of an entity has expressly consented. For the purpose of this policy, Personal Information is defined as any information that is about, or can be related to, an identifiable individual. Personal information may include name, address, credit card information, personal banking information, Social Insurance Number, personal email, etc. and is separate from information that is publicly available or corporate information such as business address, business email, etc. GTTI will adopt leading practices guided by the 10 principles of privacy. GTTI will post this policy on its website and develop guidelines for the collection, storage and destruction of documents containing personal information.

In order to protect the privacy of personal information, GTTI will:

  • limit the collection of personal information to only what is needed to identify a member or process a donation

  • inform everyone about the purpose for collecting personal information

  • request consent on appropriate forms when we ask for the disclosure of personal information

  • retail personal information according to Schedule A

  • ensure that personal information is accurate and up-to-date as provided to GTTI

  • employ reasonable safeguards for the protection and destruction of personal information

  • Upon written request, provide the individual or organization with the personal information under its control, information about the ways in which the personal information requested has been and is being used, and the names of the individuals and organizations to whom the personal information requested has been disclosed.

  • not disclose, sell, barter or lease any personal information to anyone or any entity except under the following conditions:

  •  Upon the prior written consent of the individual;
  •  In compelling circumstances affecting the health or safety of an individual;
  • Where the non-disclosure could reasonably be expected to interfere with a law enforcement                matter; where such information is required or authorized by law (e.g. specific sections of the Labour Relations Act, Occupational Health and Safety Act, Statisics Act, etc.) with the exception of Board of Directors, staff, clients and students, allow for the right to be excluded from providing personal information.

Photographs and recordings are used by GTTI for promotional purposes. When attending any regular or special events sponsored by GTTI, images may be captured and placed on our website or promotional literature but will not identify an individual by name. In the event that we do identify the individual, GTTI will obtain informed consent on our release form.

Upon recieving a written request from an individual or organization that they wish to not have personal information maintained by GTTI, all personal information pertaining to them will be destroyed. This does not include business information that is publicly available.

GTTI has assigned the Executive Director the duty of acting as the Privacy Officer. All requests are to be addressed to her/him.



        Any record of information however recorded, whether in printed form or by any eletronic means


Any recorded information that can identify an idividual. Information about individuals acting in their business or professional capacity such as name, title, work address, work telephone number, email address is NOT considered personal information.


The Executive Director shall develop a procedure and schedule for the collection, retention and destruction of personal information that is to be reviewed annually and/or as required with the Board of Directors. This shall form part of this Policy.

The Fine Print


Payment for certification courses: We accept cash, cheque, credit or debit. Organizations or companies may request to be invoiced for certification courses.

Payment in advance please: Certification course fees are due in full a five business days in advance of the course date. Class size minimums and maximums do apply, so we need confirmation of participation through payment.

Cancellations: If class size minimums are not met, or maximums are exceeded, GTTI reserves the right to cancel a session or re-schedule individuals. Inclement weather or other event may also necessitate course cancellation. Wherever possible, we will provide 48 to 72 hours notice.


You cancel? If a participant is unable to attend a session that they have registered and paid for they must provide GTTI with 48 hours notice in order to receive a refund. GTTI will work with the participant (as possible) to make alternate arrangements so that they may be able to access the course in the future. All refunds are issued by cheque only and are subject to a 10% administration fee.

We cancel? In the event a course is cancelled by us and GTTI is unable to fulfill registrants’ needs within 60 days of the original training date, refunds will be issued in full.

Special Circumstances for Working at Heights: Due to a cancellation policy with our Working at Heights Trainer, cancellations less than 5 days before this training are non-refundable.