Introduction to Stick Welding

SMAW, commonly known as stick welding, is a leading welding industry standard. Most stick welding applications will be found in the oil and gas industry, steel erection and mobile welding. From the hobby enthusiast, to someone looking to potentially pursue this as a career, this Introduction to Stick welding is an opportunity to get hands-on experience and training with a low teacher to student ratio.

Our 18-hr Stick Welding Course features a combination of lecture and valuable hands-on practice. This class is designed for beginners (zero experience is required) and also those who need a refresher with the SMAW welding process. Upon completion, students will be familiar with safety, equipment, equipment set up and proper welding techniques.

Topics covered in course:

  • Safety for Welders
  • The SMAW process
  • Types of SMAW equipment
  • Proper identification and selection of welding consumables
  • Welding steel in the Flat position
  • Proper techniques for welding “filet” ,”lap”, “grove” joints
  • Welding defects; causes, cures and discontinuities
  • Oxy Acetylene cutting torches, applications, safety and practice
  • Plasma Arc cutting torches, applications, safety and practice
  • Techniques for safe handling of grinders and application
  • Understanding and proper reading of a measuring tape
  • Abrasives and metal finishing applications: products and safety

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